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Have A Happy Period

This month’s complaint (or so it seems to plod along at the moment) comes from Wendi Aarons from Austin, Texas and regards probably the most unloved of all products on the supermarket shelf – the maxi pad.

An essential for any wardrobe

I’ve always thought that an all female staff is crucial for the effective marketing of feminine hygiene products and Wendi’s open letter is direct proof of this.

There are so many awful things I can say about pads and tampons – beyond my father’s need to call them “mop ’em up’s and plug ’em ups” (I’m sorry I had to write that), the marketing is probably the worst facet of this industry. soft

As Wendi alludes, the last thing any woman wants to do when she has her period is things like yoga, rock climbing or rhythmic gymnastics – yet the advertising seems to want to push us out of our foetal positions of horrendous pain and into the olympic swimming pool with something that looks like a massive parasitic sea creature living inside of us.

Enjoy Wendi’s letter, cause I know I did. Continue reading


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