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I Resent Your Description Of Our Swing Set

As has been discussed on this blog – neighbours are just the best. Apparently everybody needs good ones, but – does anybody actually have good neighbours?

Let’s think about my house that I live in right now. To the left is a strange family with a man that puts out his washing when it’s raining, to the right is a gigantic share house of students that sit chatting loudly till 4am on a weeknight (weekmorning?) – So no, that counts me out.

If you enjoy the company of your neighbours – please comment about it, because quite frankly – I’m not convinced this situation exists. Except in this dystopian fiction I read once, where everyone in the UK was separated into personality types. The book was kind of interesting, but not extremely interesting. I wouldn’t recommend it, whatever it’s called.

But enough about mediocre literature! To the complaint!

It’s just a delightful display of email aggression and I just had to share – enjoy:

Lawn Chair War


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