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Have A Happy Period

This month’s complaint (or so it seems to plod along at the moment) comes from Wendi Aarons from Austin, Texas and regards probably the most unloved of all products on the supermarket shelf – the maxi pad.

An essential for any wardrobe

I’ve always thought that an all female staff is crucial for the effective marketing of feminine hygiene products and Wendi’s open letter is direct proof of this.

There are so many awful things I can say about pads and tampons – beyond my father’s need to call them “mop ’em up’s and plug ’em ups” (I’m sorry I had to write that), the marketing is probably the worst facet of this industry. soft

As Wendi alludes, the last thing any woman wants to do when she has her period is things like yoga, rock climbing or rhythmic gymnastics – yet the advertising seems to want to push us out of our foetal positions of horrendous pain and into the olympic swimming pool with something that looks like a massive parasitic sea creature living inside of us.

Enjoy Wendi’s letter, cause I know I did. Continue reading


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Damn! I HATE free software…

I’ve been sitting here racking my brain and resources for a way to follow yesterday’s entry. I keep going back to re-read it, just because I can’t believe it. But yes, it happened.

I now have this brilliant image in my mind of the complaints’ author – she’s in her late 60’s with half moon glasses and her black, grey-streaked hair pulled into a tight bun while she sits at a typewriter grimly working her way through the many things she’s decided to complain about. (Yes, I realise she sent it in an email, but this image works much better for me)

But back to the issue at hand, I decided to go with the delightful morsels from – a blog dedicated to the unrivaled niche of short, almost tweet-like complaints about software company Adobe.


I have to say, I don’t have a problem with Adobe. I actually admire them, they released a free pdf reader and flash player, that very many people have on their computers (I went to say most, but have no figures to back this up)

Their other products are popular and reliable if you have the money for them. Also, one of their product names should be in the dictionary… (Who on earth says “have you manipulated that image yet?” – It’s ‘photoshopped’ people!) How’s that for marketing?

But enough grovelling from me, to the complaints. Some of my favourites:

  • Please create an installer that puts your software on my computer in less time than it takes to install an operating system.
  • Why does Photoshop cost as much as a pre-owned small car? Drop the price please!!
  • Could you make Adobe Reader start up slower? I’d like to have enough time to go get a sandwich before I read a one page document.
  • Why do you install six “helper” applications in the background when all I want is Photoshop? Keep your Bridge to nowhere the fuck off my system.
  • Let me keep my browser open while you update your programs. Or eat hair. The choice is yours.
  • Adobe Updater is the single worst piece of software I have ever seen. Please fuck off with that.
  • Why do you think it’s reasonable for your updater to steal focus while I’m typing and interpret my keystrokes as approval to reboot my machine?
  • Your updater sucks. Make it, perhaps, suck less.
  • Please remember that some of us are starving artists and don’t have hundreds of dollars to shell out on your products every year! Try to make it reasonable to stay on top of technology!!
  • Mouse wheel. Learn what it is.
  • I installed Acrobat 7, then had to restart my computer six times in a row — once for each patch. It is not 2001. This kind of bullshit is no longer acceptable.
  • Sort out your installers. They make baby Jesus cry

Alot of this stuff has its merit, but really – the software is FREE. You’re lucky they update Reader to begin with. If I were Adobe, I’d take it away from you and then see how much you dislike my installer while you’re staring blankly at the nonsense code of a pdf in Word.

Another thing, as I realised the first time I had to get Adobe Audition for my job – yes, it is expensive. Because what you should be doing with their products is paid work… Not sitting at home eating 2 minute noodles refreshing for their photoshop competitions only to produce shit like this:



Yes. It’s shopped.


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The Linguistic Atrocity

Today’s complaint comes from Charlotte in Sydney and I’ll let her do the talking, because, quite frankly – she does it so very well:

I manage a Japanese goods store – the type that most people may be familiar with – we sell things like stationery, toys, bags and similar things from Japan. Many of these items are hilarious because of their poor English. The two types of people that come into this store are either ex-pats wanting something to remind them of home, or Australians who just find the products funny.

This is fine with me; I find them funny as well. We had this particularly ‘engrish’ bag in stock that sold quite quickly (photo attached)  – though about a week later – we received this email:



I have linked you to this website because I think it’s very important that you understand what I’m writing. A friend of mine recently gave me a bag from your store as a ‘funny’ gift. I have to say, I most certainly did not laugh.

It was a bag with a smiling red dog on the front with the absolutely nonsensical words:

“No objcction”

and then underneath that:

“I beard chiece’s
a big patty
tonsgot Sourds
The too doesn’s
Its Let’s go out”

I think I speak for everyone in the English speaking world when I say – what on earth do you think you’re trying to communicate? I am a high school English teacher and I take offence to this item not only being displayed, but sold in Australia. A linguistic atrocity has been committed here.

What will children passing by think? That this is how you should speak? I certainly hope not – because it will be community leaders like me that will have to pick up the pieces.

I am willing to sacrifice my time to teach your staff English, you need only ask. Beyond that, there are so very many places where you can learn to speak English in Sydney for free – I implore you all to take up that opportunity. I have been into your shop since and I am also willing to come into your shop one evening to tell you which of your products are incorrect, which, I am sad to say is the vast majority.

I hope that this email will not only assist you to make your success in our country – but assist all those that your products have misled into speaking improperly.

Charlotte continues:

It’s with deep regret that I have to decline her offer to not only patronise me and my staff with her English lessons, but also for her to come in and strip my store of all its products. It just so happens that I was born in Australia and learnt English in primary school and from my parents like everyone else.

Now that I can not only speak English and Japanese – but am almost fluent in French, I’ll be happy to offer my staff any linguistic assistance they may need – which is none, as they can all speak English also.

Wow… Charlotte. That’s amazing. That’s unbelievable.

That’s… um… I’m, really sorry…

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