The Inaugural Complaint

Hello everyone and welcome to Pen Wars. I’d like to start us off with a personal complaint, which in a way was the catalyst for this blog. If I may, I’ll employ some theatre of the mind to get you in the groove:

A lonely, wet, umbrella-less night

A lonely, wet, umbrella-less night

It’s a cold, dark night at a mostly damp Sydney bus stop. A girl sits uncomfortably, perched on the edge of the saturated bench shivering and smouldering all at once.

It has been a 50 minute wait for the bus so far and it’s growing late after the long 9 hour working day. Money’s short as pay day is tomorrow.

The bus is timetabled to come every 20 minutes, and yet only one passes without stopping – overladen with stumbling passengers. Angrily, the girl sticks out her hand to flag a taxi and with her other, impulsively searches in her bag for her iphone.

She furiously writes the following complaint (after the cut)

“To whom it may concern:
I write to you from a taxi, at great expense, after waiting at the UTS bus stop for 50 minutes to no avail.
During this time many buses were supposed to arrive according to your timetable, though unfortunately only one had passed me in that time. This bus would not open it’s doors for me understandably, as I counted 20 standing passengers as it sat in traffic.
The weather is wet, and I can accept some lateness – but this goes beyond lateness and enters the unhappy realm of negligence.
Also, I would be happy to blame the lateness on the weather, but this problem persists rain, hail or shine – morning, noon and night.
This is my second letter of complaint on this issue, and though your reply was prompt – I would have much prefered the time was spent solving this grave issue.
Not one bus has been under 10 minutes late recently, some extending to 45 minutes to an hour late – and all of those buses grossly overburdened with passengers, often to the extent where their safety is being compromised.
The other week, I was one of 23 standing on an evening bus and one woman, as a result of there being little handhold – fell to the floor of the bus and was trampled by other passengers also stumbling. It is only a matter of time before one of these passengers holds the STA liable – as they have a right to do so.
I will not identify any individual drivers in this note as, unlike what was implied in your previous reply, it is not strictly their fault or responsibility. Rather it is obviously a case of supply not meeting demand by a great amount. Also that the duty to provide a safe and reliable public transport service to the people of this route is not being fulfilled.
Some of the 428 route does not have any other transport option either physically or financially and so it is a travesty that the elderly, disabled and other sections of this community are being disenfranchised in such a way.
I will also be forwarding this information to the relevant bodies and hope to see change very soon as it is extremely urgent.”

An example of somewhat ridiculous things being written in anger. Reading back, I find this quite hilarious.

I’m not this person… Usually… Well if I’m wet, tired, poor and disappointed – this is what happens… But not usually.

They’ve promised a reply within 21 working days – though as I seem to have mentioned in my angry iPhone rant – I don’t seem to care.



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4 responses to “The Inaugural Complaint

  1. Fred

    Jesus woman, chill out… In my day the buses had no roof and all of the taxis had to be started by running. I also had a wife called Wilma, but she left me because I was abusive. Sometimes I drink heavily and think about her thighs.

  2. Bec

    You’re right. 428? FOUR TOO LATE is more like it.

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